Our Strategic Plan

Strategy is not the consequence of planning, but the opposite; it’s the starting point.
— Dr. Henry Mintzberg


While the heart of our organization is our mission & vision, the only way our community and the world will ever know about what we exist to do is if we have a strong plan to guide us into the future.

With that in mind, the Friends of Coleman Memorial Park has adopted an updated Strategic Plan as of May 2019. Continue reading below to see what our intentions are for the next three calendar years.

Our Focus Pillars

  1. Management- focuses on the executive-level structuring and guidance of organization’s vitality

  2. Volunteerism- focuses on effectively engaging with the community outside of our organization to both grow the Friends and increase the Park’s integral role in the life of Lebanon County’s residents and visitors

  3. Finance- focuses on the fiscal health of the Friends and the Park through increased membership giving, grant writing, and corporate sponsorships

  4. Publicity- focuses on educating and informing the Lebanon Valley on all that the park has to offer, as well as everything the park needs to secure its future

  5. Resources- focuses on additional needs our organization may need to fulfill that don’t necessarily fit into the other focus pillars

Our Goals


  1. Management

    1. Develop a Board Orientation Program.

    2. Review and update committee descriptions and functions.

    3. Establish a policy manual with an exhaustive schedule of due dates for our events/functions.

  2. Volunteerism

    1. Establish an engaged volunteer committee with a chairperson who maintains a database of volunteer names, contact information, skills, areas of interest, etc.

    2. Establish a list of routine volunteer opportunities and a regular schedule of Friends work days.

    3. Design a system to be certain Volunteer Release Forms are signed by everyone who volunteers their time in the Park.

  3. Finance

    1. Develop a list of sponsorship opportunities for the year to be handed out in late summer/early fall so businesses, organizations and individuals can be contacted while they are in their budgeting season to acquire the funds for the completion of various projects.

  4. Publicity

    1. Increase the number of press releases to bi-monthly disbursement.

    2. Generate a master list of press release recipients.

    3. Develop a standardized form for press releases.

    4. Create the necessary process procedure(s) needed to ensure the organization’s sustainable success for public visibility.

  5. Resources

    1. Develop a list of tools and/or materials that need regular replacement to see if they should be worked into our annual budget OR should be requisitioned from viable sponsorship partners.

    2. Design, implement and execute a high-quality, standard-setting youth day camp program.


  1. Management

    1. Improve our ad hoc committee structure and the engagement of their personnel.

  2. Volunteerism

    1. Recruit and develop a training program for our team leaders.

  3. Finance

    1. Develop existing revenue streams that can be relied upon from season to season.

    2. Seek out new revenue streams that can be relied upon from season to season.

    3. Establish a merchandise program with a dedicated retail location.

  4. Publicity

    1. Send a letter of interest with a marketing packet to all service organizations (Rotary, Sertoma, etc.) in the Lebanon Valley about getting a slot on their program calendars, so that we can send board members to speak about our organization and the Park.

    2. Produce a high-quality marketing video package to be shown at speaking engagements, event booths, and at open houses.

    3. Develop a marketing campaign to showcase the Park as a destination for placemaking, both for locals and visitors alike.

    4. Design, implement, and execute a program for a Park Visitor’s Centre to be open from 1 to 4 every Sunday afternoon that offers walking tours, a gift shop, etc.

  5. Resources

    1. Develop and maintain an exhaustive database of historical buildings and gardens on the grounds of the Park, including a designation system with the terms, “then, now, future.”

    2. Develop and maintain an exhaustive database of the trees and plants in the park, along with any history associated with example specimens.

    3. Design, implement, and execute a visual media campaign of historic photos and renderings to develop interest from prospective sponsors in future improvement and program projects.


  1. Management

    1. Expand our organization’s general membership to a minimum of 100 individuals.

  2. Volunteerism

    1. Design, implement, and execute a recruitment program that tasks local service organizations and social clubs with the ownership of specific Park tasks.

  3. Finance

    1. Bring the Carriage House Capital Campaign to the front of our fundraising and marketing efforts.

  4. Publicity

    1. Seek out partnerships with local news media outlets for regular column coverage which highlight our programs, enhancements, and progress as a vital resource in the Lebanon Valley.